I’m excited to help you with the sale of your property.  Before we list your home on the MLS, we must discuss the following:

Your Motive.  What’s your reason for selling?  Job relocation? Downsizing? Upsizing?  Whichever the case may be, understanding your wants and needs will actually help us better negotiate and achieve the results that you want.

Your Budget to Sell.    The expectations that buyers have in today’s market are quite high due to the gleaming perfections seen on television.  Rest assured if the condition of your property is not up to par, buyers will heavily discount the list price with no hesitation.  To combat this, we will put together a workable budget that will address any deficiencies or outdated items that can potentially reduce the quality of your home.



Effective Outreach Strategy

Devising an effective marketing plan is vital to the success of selling your home.  To ensure maximum exposure of your listing, we will execute the following:

  • Determine who’s our target audience.
  • Create a video that tells a story about your home (optional).
  • Alert the neighbors using direct mailing.
  • Spread the word to other agents of what is “coming soon” or “new to the market”.
  • Create social media ads for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Host a public viewing.
  • Obtain feedback on showings to advise you of the results and comments. 

Professional Photography

We have 8 seconds to impress a buyer about your home.  Having professional photos taken will ensure that we showcase your home in the best light.  Several real estate photography services are now offering walkthrough videos and virtual tours that we can use to give buyers an “inside peek” of your property.  

Transaction Management

Managing paperwork, collecting the deposit check, and scheduling showings, the inspection and the appraisal will all be handled by yours truly.  We will communitcate on a bi-weekly basis to ensure we stay on top of everything.  In addition, I will keep in contact with the buyer’s agent to ensure that everything is moving along smoothly. 


The goal with home staging is to get your home showroom floor ready for potential buyers.  We will develop a cost-effective plan that will get you more bang for your buck! I believe in using what you have available first before spending a ton of money on staging.  You will be surprise how a new arrangement of your furniture or a simple coat of paint transforms a room.

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