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Renovation Stories: FLIPPING OLYMPIA

Renovation Stories: FLIPPING OLYMPIA

Renovations can be exciting, but they can also be a pain in the butt!  I sat down with Tessa Izdepski to learn how two sisters transformed a once 1940s neighborhood corner store, turned-triplex into an eclectic single-family beauty!

What was your favorite room to renovate?

Renovating the kitchen and the master bathroom were both fun and exciting; however, if I had to choose between the two, the kitchen was my favorite.  I already knew how I wanted to design it.  I chose a modern yet eclectic design because it reflects my personality.  The focal point is the reclaimed wood shelving that displays my souvenirs and handmade decor.


Why did you decide to take the renovation route?

I rather spend my money on my own ideas than to pay top dollar for someone’s else’s design.

What challenges did you encounter during the renovation?

Staying within budget was difficult because I wanted the best finishings in our home.  Lucky for us, we saved thousands of dollars by picking precut quartz countertops as opposed to ordering a custom cut.  I always advise new renovators to shop around for affordable options first.

The second challenge was being the decision makers for everything.  I MEAN EVERYTHING!  Our contractors would inquire about features that we didn’t think about such as the size of baseboards, light switches, the amount of recessed lighting, etc.  It was nerve-racking, but we made it through.

What advice would you give buyers?

Interview as many contractors as you can.  Ask your family and friends for referrals, and get a bunch of quotes.  It’s imperative to hire good, reliable contractors to ensure the success of your renovation.

What advice would you give sellers?

I recommend getting a pre-inspection done before putting your home on the market.  You want to discover defects, if any, before any potential buyer does.  That way you won’t lose your negotiating power in a deal.

If you are new to the renovating world, be prepare to make mistakes.  Remember mistakes are learning opportunities.  Don’t let unexpected mishaps discourage you to push forward.

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Wil Campbell Jr.

Great advice and a beautiful renovation.